Matteo Ravasi

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor




Matteo Ravasi is an Assistant Professor at KAUST University in the Physical Science and Engineering division.

Previously, he worked in Equinor as both a research scientist and reservoir geophysicist. During his time in industry Matteo contributed to the development of geophysical technologies aimed at identifying new discoveries as well as increasing hydrocarbon recovery of existing reservoirs. He have also been involved in the development of several open-source software packages to ease the use of geophysical data and improve reproducibility in the area of inverse problems.

Matteo earned a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Interferomety Project under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Curtis. His research contributions spanned across the fields of seismic processing, imaging, and inversion through the development of novel methods aimed at using high-order reverberations to improve the quality and resolution of subsurface imaging products.

Research Interests

- Computational geophysics

- Inverse problems

- Seismic imaging and parameter inversion

- Seismic processing

- Machine learning

- High-performance computing

- Scientific software development

Selected Publications

- Ravasi, M. and Vasconcelos., I., 2020, PyLops - A Linear-Operator Python Library for large scale optimization. SoftwareX, 11.

- Ravasi, M., 2017, Rayleigh-Marchenko redatuming for target-oriented, true-amplitude imaging. Geophysics, 82(6).

- van der Neut, J., Ravasi, M. Liu, Y., and Vasconcelos, I., 2017, Target-enclosed seismic imaging. Geophysics, 82(6).

- Vasconcelos, I., Ravasi, M., and van der Neut, J., 2017, Subsurface-domain, interferometric objective functions for target-oriented waveform inversion, Geophysics, 82(4).

- Ravasi, M., Vasconcelos, I., Kritski, A., Curtis, A., da Costa Filho C.A., and Meles, G., 2016, Target-oriented Marchenko imaging of a North Sea field. Geophysical Journal International - Express Letters, 205.

- Ravasi, M., and Curtis, A., 2013, Elastic imaging with exact wavefield extrapolation for application to ocean-bottom 4C seismic data, Geophysics 78(6).


- Ph.D. Geophysics, University of Edinburgh, 2015

- M.Sc. Telecommunications, Politecnico di Milano, 2011

- B.Sc. Telecommunications, Politecnico di Milano, 2009

Research Interests Keywords

Computational geophysics Inverse problems Seismic imaging and parameter inversion Seismic processing Machine Learning High-performance computing Scientific software development