JASA cover page

05 May, 2021

This March cover of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) featured an article co-authored by Dr. Matteo Ravasi entitled "Closed-aperture unbounded acoustics experimentation using multidimensional deconvolution".

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In physical acoustic laboratories, wave propagation experiments often suffer from unwanted reflections at the boundaries of the experimental setup. We propose using multidimensional deconvolution (MDD) to post-process recorded experimental data such that the scattering imprint related to the domain boundary is completely removed and only the Green's functions associated with a scattering object of interest are obtained. The application of the MDD method requires in/out wavefield separation of data recorded along a closed surface surrounding the object of interest, and we propose a decomposition method to separate such data for arbitrary curved surfaces. The MDD results consist of the Green's functions between any pair of points on the closed recording surface, fully sampling the scattered field. We apply the MDD algorithm to post-process laboratory data acquired in a two-dimensional acoustic waveguide to characterize the wavefield scattering related to a rigid steel block while removing the scattering imprint of the domain boundary. The experimental results are validated with synthetic simulations, corroborating that MDD is an effective and general method to obtain the experimentally desired Green's functions for arbitrary inhomogeneous scatterers.